The strength of a construction company is the quality of its manpower. At Masing Construction, our journeyman tradesmen are trained and skilled in all aspects of their trade specialty.


Our carpenters are skilled in all aspects of rough and finish carpentry. Whether it is replacing bowed studs in a wall or making structural framing changes due to design fixes or, installing cabinets and crown moldings, we have the skill and expertise to handle all your carpentry needs.

Ceramic Tile

Our ceramic tile crews are skilled in all areas of hard surface installation. Whether we’re working with tile or stone products, you can rest assured that our professionalism and attention to detail will reward you with a job you can be proud of. Our ability for problem solving and repair are just two of the attributes that make us stand out. We stay current with tile technology to make sure your job is done with the highest quality and standards possible.

Any construction in an occupied home can be a trying experience for a homeowner and that is why our crews receive hands-on training on how to act, protect and work in an occupied home.


Masing Construction has built a reputation in the residential industry as a repair company that exemplifies the highest quality of workmanship and reliability. Our commitment to detail and our ability to finish jobs on schedule has made us one of the leading drywall repair contractors in the customer service arena. We have a highly trained and skilled workforce available to handle any job from the simple to most complex.
Our Drywall Services include:

  • Drywall demolition removal
  • Drywall hanging
  • Wall & Ceiling taping
  • Matching textures


(Our specialty is working in occupied homes.)

Lath & Stucco

Masing Construction offers a full range of lath and stucco “repair” services to the residential building industry and we have the ability to meet the fast-pace demands of high-volume production builders. We have been tested over time and have proven the know how to find and identify a lath or stucco problem and facilitate a repair. Our tried and proven tradesman can tackle the simple to tough jobs with an expertise that will meet or exceed industry building standards every time.


As many say, painting is an art form and our painting crews are trained professionals and skilled in all types of brush, roller, and spray painting. Whether we’re painting with water base or oil products, we can handle any painting need you may have.