Masing Construction is a diversified building contractor providing construction management, construction defect analysis & repair, insurance reconstruction and a customer service program that was developed to meet the varied after sale needs of residential builders and developers.

The company was established in 1989. We work throughout San Diego County. Our management team combines a wealth of construction knowledge hands-on experience and professional accomplishment. We adhere to the highest standards of quality to ensure timely and successful completion of all projects.

Our client list includes residential builders several that are fortune 500 companies. We provide all aspects of investigation and repair on residential projects. Our Builder Customer Service Program lends itself to repair work and we can resolve residential warranty issues with our own staff. We manage and schedule our own people allowing us to resolve problems quickly and keep homeowners happy and satisfied.

We also work closely with developers, attorneys, Homeowner Associations and building industry experts to resolve construction defect disputes and help avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. In addition our company specialists can provide expert testimony when warranted.